CCS Easy Jack

We at CCS are very proud of this new addition to our product line, which you can view in our online cremation supply store.

As we often do, we consulted with funeral directors and identified a real opportunity to simplify your preparation and optimize your presentation. Through these joint efforts we have designed and built The Easy Jack . The Easy Jack is designed for use only with our 27” rental caskets and uses Easy Jack casket inserts, which really makes your job much easier. As you can see in the accompanying imagesthis is an extremely convenient and simple to operate hand crank device that truly makes your presentation a snap… up and down.

The Easy Jack may be retrofit added to your existing 27” rental casket/caskets. Our tech can come out and install it on site, or it can be installed in your next 27” rental casket purchase. Either way, after using the Easy Jack you’ll see that this is one time saving product you have to have!

CCS Easy Jack - Chicago Cremation Supplies

This heavy duty screw mechanism is the heart of the Easy Jack system


Using either a standard bed crank key or our larger specialized which is included, you can raise and lower the bed to your desired height.




CCS Easy Jack roller bed - Chicago Cremation Supplies

CCS Easy Jack plywood bed with 12 rollers


We have also included a heavy plywood bed which is an inclined plane with rollers that the EASY JACK attaches to.




CCS Easy Jack insert handle - Chicago Cremation Supplies

The CCS Easy Jack insert comes with handles for ease


Our specially designed insert for the EASY JACK system comes with heavy nylon handles attached to 1” x 4” pine planking making for our strongest and easiest to move container.