Oversize Rental Inserts

Rental insert image - Chicago Cremation Supplies
Our oversize rental inserts fit all major rental casket brands, and are available in  27″ oversize rental insert widths. Shop our online cremation supply store for easy ordering of casket inserts and our full range of products.

Our 27″ oversize rental casket inserts have a double foam padding and a 4″ corrugated slotted tray inserted under the foam for optimum presentation.

No assembly required! Our inserts arrive at your door ready to use.

All of our materials are designed to match your rental casket head panels.

Velvet interiors are also available.

27″ rental casket inserts include a 550lb. corrugated cremation insert box and come with:

  • 4″ slotted riser
  • 1.5″ foam mattress
  • body sheet
  • pillow
  • overlay
  • velcro skirt
  • attached side drapes
  • 2 dowel rods
  • attached plastic liner